Grandwin safety education helps you travel safely to and from work


Grandwin recently launched a safety education campaign for commuting to and from work, designed to increase employee and public safety awareness and knowledge during their daily commute. Here are the key elements covered in the campaign:

Traffic Safety Codes: Grandwin safety experts shared traffic safety guidelines for commuting to and from work, including safety norms for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists, obeying traffic signals, and being mindful of the driving environment.

Personal safety precautions: By providing personal safety tips, Grandwin helps employees and the public understand how to keep themselves safe, including taking care of belongings, being alert to potential risks, avoiding dangerous areas and more.

Public Transportation Safety: Educational activities also cover safety when using public transportation, including station safety, precautions for boarding and alighting, and safety tips for riding lifts and escalators.

Emergency Handling: Grandwin provided guidance on how to deal with emergencies, including escape guidelines and emergency contact information for emergencies such as fires and earthquakes.

Through this safety education campaign, Grandwin is committed to raising the safety awareness of employees and the public when travelling to and from work, providing them with practical safety advice and tips to ensure a safe and smooth commute for everyone.

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